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PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM "In the Midst of CHAOS": Your Guide To Freedom, Happiness, Engagement, Performance & Success 
Authored by Marilyn Carroll, PhD 

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Black & White on White paper
204 pages 
Brae Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0983703402 
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BISAC: Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success
The current economic conditions built with layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing, and company failures have created opportunities for employers to seek qualified, creative and innovative employees who are engaged and motivated to help fill their talent gaps. Just as individuals seeking employment opportunities seek value add opportunities to place their knowledge, skills, and abilities with meaning and purpose. 
So what challenges are holding you back? Professional Freedom helps you to see windows of opportunity instead of challenges.
ISBN-13: 978-1453763520 
ISBN-10: 145376352X 
BISAC: Self-Help / Affirmations
This book is a poetic tool of encouragement, wisdom and knowledge. It is about the power of knowing and loving self as the foundation of successful living even in the midst of life's trials and tribulations. Through the full knowledge of self, one becomes open to the possibilities and opportunities unique to self. This leads to a life of living your best self possible. One who is optimistic, open to change, and resilient due to the reflective and positive approaches to life's opportunities. Producing an individual who is capable and ready to love and give to others without expectations, rewards, or acknowledgement deeds. 

Leadership and PsyCap: A study of the relationship between positive leadership behaviors and followers’ positive psychological capital
UMI Number: 3378872
- Published: September, 2007
- Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
- Pages: 112
- Size: 6x9 
- ISBN: 9781434332776

Antidotal Poetry for Career and Personal Success is a must read for anyone who has ever gone through an organizational downsize, corporate restructure, career or leadership challenge.  Whether one is contemplating career or personal changes or trying to regain footing during an organizational transformation will benefit from the insights and personal introspection generated by this work of self. The poems call for change and the betterment of mankind and organizational success. 

Antidotal Poetry is the first of its kind focusing on career and personal success while creating a new poetic genre.  It is an easy read and those not normally drawn to poetry is sure to develop a new found appreciation for this form of knowledge exchange.  

This work delivers some power punches which are sure to the make readers seriously think about the importance of career planning, leadership and the rapidly changing organizational environment. The readers will consider things after reading the poems which they have never considered previously. 

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My Career, Life and More

Where are the Opportunities?

by Marilyn Carroll on 03/10/13

Where are the Opportunities?


By Dr. Marilyn Carroll

Consultant, Professor, Speaker


You make your own opportunity. This is done by equipping yourself with some basics essential skills, traits, talents and styles. Writing this I remember a quote from the movie “Working Girl,” a scene with Melanie Griffith and Sojourner Weaver. The quote went “Who Makes It Happen, the reply was “We make it happen”, but Melanie Griffith soon realized that “Who makes it Happen,” really was “I make it happen.”

Here are four essentials which will allow for one individual to have a successful long career and not only sustain but grow into the future:

1) Marketing and Negotiation skills are both overlooked skill sets. You must be able to negotiate throughout a project or mission life cycle in order to effective. For example a major part of a successful project is bargaining for organizational assets like materials, technology, and more than not, personnel to finish the project. Another example is negotiation for a job opportunity, salary, as a team member, or on personal matters.  An individual skilled in both how to market for what they want or need to achieve and how to negotiate once given the opportunity will be able to bargain, or otherwise negotiate with other managers, departments, or even contractors to secure their needs in order to be successful.

2) Psychological Capital - When I think of traits I think of one which I hold dear; Psychological Capital, PsyCap. PsyCap to me is an overlooked trait in itself. While honesty, ethics, and others may be prevalent in business it takes resilience, hope, optimism, and knowledge of self to remain diligent in your pursuits. Holding true to core beliefs and values also allows you to focus and push through barriers to achieve end goals.

3) Time Management-having a talent for effectively maximizing the use of my time, talent and resources. I recently started watching Shark Tank a show on ABC. One of the comments made by the Sharks was that their time was worth more than money. Why because money is easily made when time is used effectively. But time is limited. The only control we have over time is how we spend it. In order to be successful seeing that it takes a skilled time manager to realize how to spend time, talent and resource capital to achieve personal and career goals is a crucial component to success.


4) Communication Styles- Verbal and nonverbal communication styles. An individual with a good command of the spoken and written language in given business or personal settings gets more done in less time, achieves intended goals, builds social and political capital and is remembered, respected and admired for their brand.

Remember the following:

·         Remain flexible -know that nothing is perfect and things often change without notice

·         Create a Contingency Plan - you must always have a backup plan

·         Remain on the cutting edge - if you don't master it, it will master you

·         Have diverse skills which are regional, global, international and universal.

·         Planning is crucial, plan to fail as well as plan to succeed. You need both strategies


In closing, it is always highly advantageous to have contingencies around one's career and the changing world. Keeping in mind where you want to go and then visualize what "speed bumps" may arise along the way. If you are thinking more globally then you won't be blindsided if world market events, business closures or your position is eliminated or outsourcing occurs.  There is hope with change. We have a world with information in our hands each day, smartphones, tables and other devices connecting us to current events through various forms of media. So do yourself a favor and stay current in domestic and global issues as well as transferable skill that could be factors in your career development.

For more information on Dr. Carroll’s, contact her at  or look for her book, “Professional Freedom in the Midst of Chaos,” available at


Do You Need to Super Charge Your Career?

by Marilyn Carroll on 07/18/12

July 16, 2012

Click here to check out the discussion…-sarah-hathorn 

On the July 16, 2012 edition of Career Advancement Radio, our guest was Sarah Hathorn the show’s topic was “How to Super Charge Your Career”  We discussed the importance of branding, preparation and competing in the new economic environment, the importance of being prepared, flexible, and adaptable to change. Based on the experiences and expertise of both our guest and our host was the importance of finding professional resources to help job seekers and career changers through the maze of change experienced by many. The common theme throughout the discussion was preparation and positivity is the key to success in times of uncertainty and chaos.

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS is an internationally distinguished executive coach, corporate consultant, professional speaker, and the founding CEO of her own company, Illustra Consulting. She has been featured in, Money Magazine, Chicago Tribune & The New York Times. In addition, she is a career acceleration and leadership presence expert, Hathorn created the innovative Predictable Promotion System. The 10-step proprietary process fully prepares leaders for multidimensional mobility, whether they are moving upward or zigzagging their way to greater success through lateral and diagonal promotions. The system also provides recently promoted executives with the performance skills, psychological mindset, and sustainable confidence to guarantee that they thrive and excel.

Sarah served as a senior level executive for a Fortune 100 company for 25 years, and has more than 30 years of experience mentoring high potentials for rapid career advancement and extraordinary success. Her tips, insights, and advice on professional presence, career acceleration, and executive leadership development have been featured on,, The Huffington Post, and in numerous publications including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Money Magazine. Check out the site for a free gift from Sarah:

Sarah’s direct contact information is below:

678.528.1239 Office; 800.267.3245 Toll Free; 678.482.2967 Fax

Does It Pay to Give?

by Marilyn Carroll on 07/15/12

On the July 9, 2012 edition of Career Advancement Radio, the topic of the Impact of Philanthropy on career, community, and personal success was our focus.  We discussed how the use of talent, skills, abilities, and giving help to save lives and change the communities where we live and work while impacting our unique value proposition as community leaders, career positioning, and talent acquisition opportunities. Philanthropy is more than giving of financial capital even though it takes that for many non-profit organizations to survive. But we looked at philanthropy from a holistic perspective, including giving of time and intellectual capital. At its core volunteer work introduces the giver many times to another genre of business, can improve feelings and emotions about personal value and volunteer work offers valuable training and experience opportunities.  Our guest this week discussed how volunteering created an investment in their future as well as an investment in the quality of life within their communities. They profited intellectually and socially through an unexpected return on their giving investment.


The topic was based on an article in the July/August 2012 issue of Fast Company Magazine by Ellen McGirt titled, “The League of Extraordinary Women.” The article spoke to how an unprecedented network of high achieving women from the world’s largest companies, innovative startups, philanthropic organizations, government and the arts have combined forces to change the lives of girls and women everywhere, women such as Alicia Keys, Hilliary Clinton, Pat Mitchell, Melinda Gates and others.

Click the link below to listen to the show.

Does the Organization Value Your Role?

by Marilyn Carroll on 04/03/12

Is your job an important role for the organization? There are some jobs that are considered to be important and high valued today. However those same jobs may become extinct in the future.  Because technology is changing so rapidly our society is becoming less dependent on personal interactions with one another and more interactive with technological gadgets and forms of communication. Have you noticed that we rarely communicate by verbal phone conversations and use more text and emails? We locate each other and find out what happening in the lives of friends through the use of social media. Just take a look at the incoming generation of high school seniors who are more reliant on technology than people. Can you imagine what their world will look like after college? Now move forward with the 21-34 year olds today. How do they communicate, what do they work on and what do they consider being important? Knowledge of this is may provide the path to your next career choice.


by Marilyn Carroll on 03/30/12


Ending a 17 year career contract for a new beginning and the possibilities are endless!

Because I was blessed with the key formula-in addition to faith.

I used the following formula to decide on my next career moves.

Knowledge +Skills+Abilities+Passion=Potential+Positioning+Preference+Power=Individual Plan (KSAP5i)

“Some change must occur in order for growth to happen. The greater the change the more the growth, leading to exponential opportunities. So have faith, build on hope, live in courage, and be optimistic about the future.” Marilyn Carroll, 2012

Today, Thursday was my last day, March 29th in the office. Over the last 15 days I applied for seven positions as well as working on the launch of my company, KSAP5i. The reasons for applying for the positions was to ensure that I have enough revenue coming in to pay the team supporting the business without seeking additional financial assistance as well as the position allows me to continue to contribute to another area of business which I am passionate about. The position will provide me with flexibility, benefits, and the ability to continue to increase my knowledge while giving back and helping others.

Of the positions I applied for two were with the current organization. In both positions I would be performing roles I felt confident that I would excel at. One of the positions was filled with another in house candidate and the other as of my exit from the company was not announced. The other five positions were external to the organization. I was offered all five. However, I made the decision to go with the position which would provide me with the most opportunities as well as compliment my business. The position requires travel but that does not bother me. I was very open to doing what I need to do to be successful as long as it meant that I would not have compromise on what I valued or my passion and goals.

            I start my new role on Monday. Most of the work for this position will be done in the evenings, which will provide me with hours during the day I need to run my business. As well as be available to continue my community service work, speaking in addition to consulting opportunities. Based on my contacts, I was able to submit three business proposals to potential clients. One has replied back with interest in addition to setting up an appointment with me for next week. In summary, the last two weeks have been very successful and eventful.

Even though I have been successful at landing a rewarding and promising position that will surely provide opportunities for advancement. I will continue to contribute heavily towards my company to be a successful Career Education Management Organization. The position I have taken provides me with the opportunity work in an educational setting while building best practices for leadership and management scholars. While affording me with the ability to continue to work on an additional aspect of my life that I am passionate about, which is helping individuals to become their best self-possible through a thorough understanding of developing and implementing their full potential. I think that I have a good career marriage and I am excited to be professionally free to be able to make these choices.  

My strategy may seem a bite stressful for some but for me it makes all the sense in the world to me. In closing, I leave one area of my passion that of Institutional Trust and Financial Markets business to that of educating and building the future of our country in a way which will produce a more positive workforce, who are engaged and motivated through every step of their career choices, goals, and plans. In addition to these benefits, I will gain a lot from this strategy including, benefits, income, knowledge, growth, increased abilities, flexibility, creativity, innovation, and a strong retirement income foundation.  


​PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM "In the Midst of CHAOS": Your Guide To Freedom, Happiness, Engagement, Performance & Success 
Authored by Marilyn Carroll, PhD