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​PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM "In the Midst of CHAOS": Your Guide To Freedom, Happiness, Engagement, Performance & Success 
Authored by Marilyn Carroll, PhD 

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Our career counseling service will provide you with an abundance of information and resources available to help you in achieving your desired goals and objectives around career management, career strategy, career goals, career objectives, career portfolios, as well as work, personal and business goals, objectives, and challenges.

Clients: High School, Colleges, Working Adults
  •  As a life coach in Atlanta, Dr. Carroll combines recent studies conducted by experts to help clients in solving challenges unique to their organization or the individual.
  • Keeping in mind the need for sustainable career strategy and management practices, Dr. Carroll utilizes positive, cost effective resources and interventions to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.
  • This is done by offering services organizations and individuals which are primarily geared around seminars, webinars, books, assessments, and virtual coaching.
  • Clients who have benefited from Dr. Carroll’s expertise and knowledge stated the following benefits:
  • Career portfolios, online career resources, and development of sustainable career strategies
  • Sharing of research-based and practiced information to discover proper and resources and tools needed with reach goals and objectives.
  • Generation of ideas and pointers to help solve perplexing challenges around life, career, and personal struggles associated with career success.
  • Strategies for coping with concerns related to finding a job and coping with challenges related to possible relocation.
  • Practicing and critiquing of career management skills
  • Opportunities for sharing knowledge and giving and receiving feedback
  • Pointers on networking, work strategies and resume development

Dr. Carroll, a career counselor in Atlanta, understands that having the right talent is the key to your success. Based on research completed by Dr. Carroll and other over the past three years, today’s workforce must be more informed, and connected to the everyday demands of the requirements of a global workforce than at any other time in history.

Career Management Importance
  • The 21st century requires a new kind of knowledge and practice laden talent who is in high demand based on their talent, skills, and abilities.
  • The most successful individuals will be those who develop signature talent to maximize their growth opportunities.
  • Without the right talents in place, individuals will fail to meet the demands of their clients (employer), and as a result, their growth will halt.
  • This may lead to a decrease in earnings potential.
  • Students with a career plan in place are more likely to stay in school and stay focused.
  • College students are more likely to graduate and have a plan in place to repay student loan debt.
  • Many organizations and individuals lack the time, resources, automation or managerial knowledge to effectively manage and engage in career management and strategy.
  • Many organizations are aware of the benefits of highly engaged individuals leading to better organizational results.

Importance of Services
  • Students with a career plan in place are more likely to stay in school and stay focused.
  • College students are more likely to graduate and have a plan in place to repay student loan debt.
  • Performance of an organization is determined by the performance of its hired talent.
  • Therefore, career management becomes an effective tool for both the individual and organizations and leads to an effective return on the career management investments.

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